Friday oh Friday!

After a week of mind-crushing, client-chasing, note-taking tasks at work and playing referee/playmate/teacher/driver/cook/nurse (oh I can keep going! You feel me?) to my kids, its time to wind down and enjoy the weekend! It is so important that we do so to maintain a peace of mind and a healthy body.



I usually wind down on Fridays by reading a book, working on a knitting project or just lying in my bed watching TV. Sometimes I kick it with my cousin or close friend at a local restaurant or hang with my road dogs and sister-friends from church on a monthly excursion. Last month was dinner and a movie.

Well my sisters on Fridays, you can find some fly wardrobe ideas, fun weekend events and fresh beauty and health tips. I may even share some projects I am working on!  Who couldn’t use a good push to focus more on ourselves? I know I could! I will also offer you an occasional SURPRISE for the beautiful woman you are.

Please make every effort to do something for YOU, not just the weekends, but everyday! Learn a language. Grow some vegetables. Take a walk (really everyday!). Try your hand at that new hobby you always wanted to get to. It’s all about mind, body and spirit here! We need you! Take care!

Peace and love,



I would love to hear from you!

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