Who am I? I am beautiful!

There have been times growing up that I believed I was ugly. Well mainly because that is what I was told as a little girl. As I became an adult, this “tag” began to effect me in my thoughts-low self-esteem, doubt, and unworthiness. Because I believed it so, it began to dictate my behavior in ways I was not pleased yet felt I had no choices. I became speechless and powerless when it came to matters of my identity. When it came to my children, I spoke louder than the loudest trumpet and was more powerful than a V8 engine!

No matter what anyone said about me, whether I was pretty, smart, funny, any kind compliment, I just heard ugly. I even prayed to God that I wouldn’t have ugly kids! (By the way, they are the cutest set of kids anyone could ask for!). By the time I was 33, I had a powerful revelation about myself- I AM NOT UGLY! It took the wise words of a mature sister in Christ who helped me acknowledge my pain and hurts. Well, years went by and I have come to know I am super beautiful-inside and out. I struggle at times but KNOWING I am the daughter of the Most High keeps me grounded and safe.

My sisters, we cannot allow the pains of our past keep us from the promises of our future. I understand that is easier said than done. I have been there; still there at times. But we must take the first step towards who God intended us to be. BEAUTIFUL. We are destined for greatness.

Let me leave you with this: if there is a burden, a type of bondage, an addiction, whatever it may be, that is keeping you from all you can be, there may be something greater preventing you. I would like to offer the suggestion of a great counselor. Prayerfully pick and choose carefully. Also a good support group would help. Stay connected with trusting friends. Remain in the body of Christ for encouragement and support. Oh yeah. Walk, walk, walk. Ok at least some form of exercise. That has got me through many difficult days. And stay on those knees! You have to stay in the fight.

We are fearfully and wonderfully made! You are just too beautiful to let another day keep you from greatness. You are the bomb! Once you embrace your inner beauty, your light will shine so bright it cannot be contained. We will all need some very dark sunglasses!

What is one thing that is keeping you from your beautiful greatness? What steps are you taking to get there?


2 thoughts on “Who am I? I am beautiful!

  1. Jackie says:

    LaLa Glory to God! You are walking in the Great Purpose God always had for you. Keep stepping and don’t look back. Live-Love-Laugh the Victorious Life!


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