Who am I? I am chosen.


From friskychile.blogspot.com

From friskychile.blogspot.com


Remember back in the day when you wanted to play double-dutch or kickball and you were picked last or next to last? Ok I did. Perhaps your experience was different. Wasn’t a cool feeling was it? Oh wait! Better yet, you’re hoping this fine guy from the senior class asks you to the prom because he has shown some interest in you but he asks someone else. Ugh!

It is something about anticipating being picked for something of significance like the prom or a kickball team. And then when that anticipation is not met I have felt so deflated sometimes it feels like the basketball from the pickup game during recess hit me!

Now my sister when the anticipation hits adulthood, it seems like a whole ‘nother ball game. Our anticipation of being chosen for a job, marriage, dating relationship, an apartment, name something, AND THEN NOT BEING CHOSEN, has such an earth-shattering effect on the psyche! Deflated again. “I wasn’t good enough.” “I thought he was the one.” “I guess he’s not into me.” “I must be ugly.” (See that was my issue!). Girl, even the strongest of the strongest can’t take such rejection!

I don’t know about you but I then tend to place a ten-foot, no a twenty-foot wall around me so that I would feel safe and secure. “Ok fine you don’t have to choose me!” But you know what happens? You miss out on your world and who you really are as a beautiful woman.

It took me some years to realize that I had already been chosen and didn’t grasp it. Chosen by whom you may ask? That man who died on the cross for you and me. Now how many people (besides your parents) do you know would actually lay their life down for you? Jesus is the only one. Wow! The more I let that marinate in my spirit the better I can take some rejections. Now I’m not saying the stuff doesn’t come back. What I am saying is that I can better deal with it by knowing in the depths of my soul that I am chosen! Check this out: …you are a people set apart as holy to God, your God. God, your God, chose you out of all the people on Earth for himself as a cherished, personal treasure (Deut. 7.6, The Message Bible). Now doesn’t that make you feel great, to know you are a cherished, personal treasure? I know I do! I can surely walk with my head up high!

Now you may be wondering why were you chosen? I will tell you next week!

Peace and love,


As you marinate on these words, can you identify with being a cherished, personal treasure? Why or why not? Remember. No pressure.


I would love to hear from you!

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