Beauty defined…at least according to LaLa, Pt. 2

Today, I felt like I needed to share more of my heart with you my sister. Ok, I will continue to do that but this is an extension of what I posted yesterday. I’m always thinking and inspired!

Remember I mentioned the depths of this blog on the last post? Well our beauty is screaming to be released but it is extremely stifled. Stifled by what you may ask?

Well what is equally important to acknowledge is the brokenness and pain that dwells within us that keeps us from capturing, embracing and releasing our true inner beauty. (I told you there is a depth to this! I forewarned you.). It all begins with acknowledgment. We cannot run from it or we will continue to slowly die on the inside. Once we do that and deal with the mess our best way possible, no one can tell us a thing! The sky’s the limit.

My sister, we are not identified by our brokenness and pain, whether it is from neglect, abuse, abandonment, fear, control, a sense of unworthiness, whatever it may be that is ailing your soul and preventing you from greatness. Girlfriend, YOU ARE GREAT!

So each day we will strive to walk in who we are created to be, not that unrelenting voice of brokenness that tries to keep us from that great beauty! I am here for you and we are doing this life thing together.

Peace and love,


PS- That quote above is perfect!  Well said!


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