Ahh…pampered and fresh! Yes it’s Fresh Friday!

Ok.  I have a weakness for handmade hair and body products.  A couple of weeks ago I went to the Suffolk Peanut Festival and came across a handmade body line called Symphl Creations.  Malaya, co-founder and mixtress, had the most tantalizing products to stimulate this nose in a long time.  I bought two bars of soap and two lotion bars, then about thirty minutes returned to buy another lotion bar, muscle rub and lip balm!  I’m so pitiful!  And Malaya was so gracious.





SYM LIP BALM– This non-fragrant balm is a small tin with a slide lid.  I could appreciate that because the lid stays locked in place.  I used my fingertip to spread onto my lips and it glided on smoothly.  The benefits of beeswax for lip balms include moisturization and UV protection.

SOAPS–  I have used the Cranberry and Fig soap and it leaves my skin soft and without residue.  According to Symphl’s website, it is made from olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, shea butter, sodium hydroxide, castor oil, aloe vera powder, tussah silk, cinnamon, mica colorant, fragrance.  The scent was not overwhelming, just right. It lathers very, very well. It even left my bathroom smelling fresh!

LOTION BAR- Now I don’t know about you and I may come off as being out of the loop, but I haven’t come across a lotion bar!  I was very impressed.  It came in a tin wrapped in plastic wrap.  I bought Bombshell, Strawberries and Champagne and Cool water for men.  Bombshell is the BOMB!  And Strawberries and Champagne smells just like that-strawberries and champagne!  ManChild 1 enjoyed the smell of Cool water and rubbed away.  Take the bar and rub it your hands until there is good amount of product.  Then rub the lotion on your body.  It is very moisturizing without leaving a greasy feel.  Now that I can really appreciate as well!  AND DO NOT LEAVE IT IN A HOT CAR!  Malaya couldn’t stress that enough.

DEEP HEATING MUSCLE RUB- I have not had tired muscles lately, but this rub is awesome.  It also glides on smooth without being greasy.  The menthol lets you know its working but after a few minutes, it leaves a nice scent.  Not medicinal at all!

After my purchases, I received a thank you email from Malaya for my purchases.  I had given her a shout-out about her customer service and products.  Very friendly lady.

Symphl Creations is reasonably priced and some may be made to order (please be patient. You can’t rush love!).  It is obvious that Malaya has put a lot of love and time into her products to extend that love to us.  Ooh I feel the love!  Check out Malaya at https://www.etsy.com/shop/SymphlCreations. Thanks again Malaya!

Now the purpose of this post was not only to showcase a fabulous handmade, natural product line, but to get you, my sister, to consider pampering yourself as the week is winding down.  To pamper is to self-care.  Girl, you know you need it!  It’s all about you!

Peace and love,


How will you pamper yourself this weekend?


I would love to hear from you!

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