Who am I? I am worthy!

“OK LaLa. Why do you keep asking, ‘Who am I?’ This is the fourth time you have asked this question. What’s this about?”

It’s about you and me getting this ingrained into our hearts and heads. WHO WE TRULY ARE NOT WHAT SOCIETY/ABUSE/LIES HAVE DICTATED WHO WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE!   Remember I said we are doing this life thing together. It cannot be done in isolation. That’s where the trouble begins… So on that note, my sister, let’s continue getting down with who we truly are!


A sense of unworthiness is one of those things that have a way of making you act and/or say things that may make you feel unpleasant, confused or numb. You fill in your blank, but you get my drift.

The other day, some memories of my past bombarded my mind so much I cried! It was painful but a good cry. I had forgotten about those few one-night escapades, asking myself then as well as now, “Why did I do that? What was I thinking?” I didn’t truly enjoy what I was doing but I proceeded anyway. Know why? That brokenness of childhood past has a way of attaching its mess onto you as an adult. And then we think we know what we are doing but honestly we don’t!

The recollections were coming and coming. I cried and cried, but it was tears of release! I had endured a sense of unworthiness that explained numbing behaviors and paralyzing thoughts. As I got older, the thoughts wanted to run me over like a super tank! The thoughts began saying, “You’re not good enough. You can’t possibly do that. You’re not good enough for anything.”

A great calm, peace, healing and gratitude overcame me, that God had my back all this time and told me I AM WORTHY and he had been telling me this for quite awhile.

With this release came a greater understanding of why I am here talking with you. My sister, you and I, are so WORTHY, no one can shake or move us from this knowledge. With this knowledge is power-power to move forward, power to pursue your dreams, power to make things happen, power to say NO, I am not doing this anymore, power to say YES to all that awesomeness you possess.

So my sister, it is my prayer that you marinate on these words and allow them to dwell within you. If you have any questions of comments, you would rather share privately, fill out your info on the Contact LaLa page. I just love you to pieces!

Peace and love,



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