Who am I? I am strong!


I love this pic!

Hey ladies! I am here again…asking the question, “Who am I?”

“LaLa, why you keep asking me this same question?” So you will get it in your head! I am here to tell you that so you can tell yourself that! Who else is going to do it but YOU?

Ok, now that we got that out the way, did any one ever tell you you are strong? I don’t mean in the physical sense, which could be a possibility. I am talking about the how-in-the-world-did-I-get-that-done type of strong! There is an inner strength within you that is undeniable.

I would say that strength is a sort of determination. That “I put my mind to it and I can get it done” determination. See, I am a single mother of 4 kids, and to this day, as I write this, I question how was I able to raise these kids, finish undergraduate school with three of them, finish graduate school with the four of them, in addition to working full-time, working part-time on occasion and taking on the crazy mess that life tends to swing my way. Your story may be different but I’m sure you get what I’m saying!

And if you don’t get what I am saying, let me put it this way. The obstacles that have and will come your way are not intended to trip you up but to help you grow. Sure you may want to give up but you can’t girl! There is too much inside of you that needs to be released to get tripped up by that insignificant hiccup. “LaLa, now how are you going to say I can’t give up! How is this mess supposed to help me grow? Do you know what I am going through?”

Girl, I can only imagine. As women, we endure so much from society, family, relationships, work, our inner demons…name something. ANYTHING!


 Here are a few suggestions that will help you acknowledge your strength:

  • Acknowledge He that lives in you. Ok, the He I am referring to is God, my Father. It would be wrong for me to not recognize him in my life. It is only because of him that I have been able to overcome some things in my life.  Girl, if I tried to do things in my own strength, I would continue to mess up and mess up and mess up, endlessly frustrated. I am not saying I will never mess up again but with my relationship with God, life seems easier. I have come to the conclusion it is easier to stop running in my own strength and give in to God. (if you have  questions or comments about a relationship with God, just let me know!)
  • Now acknowledge that you are stronger that you know. You will have to believe, believe, believe girlfriend that you are as strong as the mightiest Redwood tree in the California forest. Oh wait. Check this out! Did you know you are your strongest when you are giving birth or when your adrenaline is in high gear? Ok that may have to do with physical strength but tap into the knowledge of that strength.
  • Take one step towards defeating that thing that presents itself as an obstacle. “Lordy, LaLa! Why are you trying to take me out of my element! It’s so hard.” Because you don’t need to be stuck any longer, that’s why! It will be scary. It will be hard. Trust me. I’m taking some steps as well and it is hard. But in order for us to move forward, WE MUST TAKE THE FIRST STEP! I am here with you!

Peace and love,


 What obstacle in your life do you need the strength to beat down for good?


I would love to hear from you!

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