Who am I? I am accepted.


When I was in high school, I had a crush on this guy. Ok, it was a few of them but one in particular. I’m not going to put them out there like that. Not cool. The crushes never went far.   Ok remember when I told you I thought I was ugly? Looking back, I believe I felt guys didn’t accept me because I was ugly. All the other girls got the ones I had crushes on. But how? What about me? What was wrong with me?

“OK LaLa! You are tripping! You know that was not even it!” Yeah, I know that now but as a 16-year-old girl with identity issues, she couldn’t hear or see anything else.   My broken spirit, perhaps unacknowledged then, couldn’t bear being unaccepted by such a fine boy!

There have also been times that I thought I had to be a certain way to family members in order to be accepted. Please! Never that again! That mess is for the birds. My sisters, acceptance is not found in a fine dude, nice ride, a fabulous wardrobe, expectations from others or a cushy, well-paid job. Any external influence does not dictate our acceptance in this world. Our acceptance is found within our inner woman, our inner spirit. It took me many years to get that. I still struggle every now and then but my world is so much better now.

The Spirit of God had to tell me so many times, SO MANY TIMES, that he accepts me just like I am. “What do you mean? Do you know what I have done? What I look like? Do you know what has happened to me?” And he says yes and he does not care! See, that is a hard pill to swallow.   You STILL accept me? Yes because he loves me that much. He loves you that much too, girlfriend!

I don’t care what you have done. God doesn’t care what you have done. You are wonderfully accepted! You are adequate and suitable as his daughter. There is nothing extra you have to do. Those days of flipping hoops for some dude’s attention are over! Those days of brown-nosing for that ultimate job are over!   Those days of putting in 80-hours a week just to keep up with the Joneses are over! You are totally accepted and you don’t have to do a single thing but be YOU in all your fabulousness!

Ok girlfriend, this is what I need you to do. Run to that bathroom mirror again and look at yourself and with all the power within you, declare your acceptance! Remember it is not based on how you look, what you can do, how much money you have or where you work. It is based on your beautiful self, right now!

Peace and love,


Now I really want you to think about this, my sisters…what is that thing you are going to do to ensure your acceptance? What is that thing you are going to let go that is giving you a false acceptance?


I would love to hear from you!

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