Who am I? I am free!

Soar my sisters!  You are free!

“You are free, my sister!”

“Oh now I am free, LaLa. You are at it again!”

Yes my sisters, I am and you are. I want you to know exactly who you are, not those things negative experiences and labels thrown at us. And you know what? We tend to hold on to that mess! Let the mess go! Ok enough of my rant. Moving on…

A few weeks ago during a church service, there was a couple talking about an organization they founded called Virginia Beach Justice Initiative (www.vbji.org). According to their website, The Virginia Beach Justice Initiative was birthed out of a desire to end human trafficking, particularly sex trafficking, in the Hampton Roads area. Their mission is to bring an end to the issue of sex trafficking by empowering the residents of Virginia Beach and surrounding cities through education and awareness, advocacy and prevention campaigns.

This wonderful couple spoke about a woman who had several solicitation charges. The Virginia Beach Police had given this young woman their card, in hopes of reaching out to them. Solicitation is the only thing this woman knew to do to take care of her children. As Lori and Patrick spoke, my heart became heavy, thinking about the brokenness in which this woman is burdened. I began to cry, relating to her pain and truly understanding my purpose in this life. It is for my sisters who a broken vessels.

Our brokenness tends to exist in our minds. I would believe I was so ugly for so long that my self-esteem was damaged. My sisters, our brokenness keeps us from the beauty that is dwelling within us. The bondage of our past and the pain that hinders our growth is keeping us from the freedom we need to soar! To grow. To live. To experience life.   To embrace self…beautifully!

It is not always easy to tell others how to change but I have no choice because I love you too much for you to continue hurting, as if no one cares.   What I am going to share is based on my life experiences and it is working:

  1. The power of love. God loves you and me so much it is ridiculous. It was hard for me to grasp this concept but as I began to marinate on being his awesomely fly daughter, you couldn’t tell me much of anything! Now I may have my moments, but all I have to do is remember who I am and I feel so much better.                                                                                          The love of great sister-friends whom I trust is wonderful as well.    They have my back and love me immensely. They keep me going and check me when needed. Creating a strong circle of influence can be difficult while working through the pain and trust is an issue. But it can be done.
  2. The power of talk. Yes talking with sister-friends is great, but talking with a great counselor does wonders. I love my counselor and she is on point! I was leery about going at one time but the more consistent I became the more free I felt. Take your time in choosing one and don’t be afraid to find the perfect fit.
  3. The power of “me time.” I AM A FIRM BELIEVER IN SOME “ME TIME!” I crave this time for myself. I walk or read my Bible or journal. It is my free time that reminds me I am no longer bound to my past and I am free to be me! Also time to let go of a lot of junk too! My sisters, you better not beat yourself up being selfish for doing so because you are being selfish. You need to be selfish so you can rejuvenate, regroup, and recharge! Then you are able to take on the world.

Try it out! Contact me if you have any questions or thoughts. Be free, my sisters!

Peace and love,



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