First I want to thank you all for allowing me to breathe for a few. I really needed it to regroup and refocus.

Second, life has a way of showing you YOU need to regroup, to regain a new perspective. Perhaps that is the meaning of life…to grow into a new perspective. It brought me closer to my God, my family and myself.

So without further ado, let me explain “getting closer to myself.” I was laying in bed early one morning, thinking about things that totally did not have to do with one or another. Reinvention. Ahh, yes! Reinvention of self came to mind. Sometimes I feel as though I have been doing that from time to time over the last 7 months, but at a slow crawl. Indecision and uncertainty had been the major culprit.  During that period of breathing, I learned that in order to overcome that, intentionality is the mighty weapon against uncertainty and indecision. Oh, let me add, procrastination needs a dose of intentionality as well!

I need to be intentional about setting realistic goals to make it happen. Oh wait. That’s not all with intentionality. YOU HAVE TO ACT, MY SISTER! Saying and doing are two different things.  Action is key!

Now my reinvention plans (as of today) include:
1. Sewing a new wardrobe, vintage/retro-inspired with a modern twist. I miss sewing!
2. Learn basic graphic design to make T-shirts.
3. Workout to tone my muscles and to maintain mental health. I have noticed that this 45-year-old body needs it.  Plus exercise that you like does wonders for the mind.
4. Re-enter the cosmetology field. As a stylist, makeup artist and instructor. With all the things my blog stands for, what a better place to be! This is a skill set that I truly enjoy. Please help me be accountable as I will help you as well!

Serving my community and my church are highly important to me, however, REINVENTION is important as well because it is for me, reinvent the beauty that lies within me. Reinvent the beauty that lies within you, my gorgeous sister!

Remember, FIRST, it has to have meaning to you, no one else. SECOND, it has to speak to your heart. And THIRD, it has to have a beautiful outcome, of course. Nothing ugly coming out of here, right girlfriend!

So my sisters, what are your plans for your intentional reinvention?


2 thoughts on “Beauty…reinvented

  1. I regularly reinvent the wheel when it comes to me. Sometimes it is quite subtle, only I would know the reinvention. Other times it is quite obvious as in a new do, new cut, new color. Other times it is a purposeful change in the way I look at a situation or my views on a particular issue. Whenever I feel a slump or a funk I know it is time to shake it off and start anew. It is quite intentional and I must say it always seems to work.


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