Thursday thoughts




Well my sisters, we have come into another year.  Wow!  2015 is here.  I don’t do resolutions, but mainly do reflections like I always do.  Thinking about the past, how far I have come, how can I improve professionally and personally, things like this.

I like to play on words.  Ok I just like words.  And this year will the year of…drumroll please…INTENTIONALITY!

Ladies, we must be intentional in our efforts towards our goals, dreams, accomplishments.  We can’t say, “I’m going to take a French class at the community college” and not make it happen.   That is not intentional; that is wishful thinking.

Wishful thinking produces a list of excuses. “Oh, I will do it when___________” or “Right now is not a good time” or “I don’t have enough money” or “They are better than me.” You get my drift my sisters.

All of this is stemming from excuses I had been making about returning behind the chair on a part-time basis (remember that cosmetology license I told you about!).

“I don’t have a clientele.”

“I don’t know here I am going to work.”

“But the kids will need me.”

“I am rusty.”

“I will be away from home.”

“I’ll miss hanging with my girlfriends.”

Guess what?  These don’t even make sense.  You see, when there is a passion burning in your heart, even when you try to ignore it, the dumbest, I mean the greatest excuse (yeah, right) is not going to fly.  Excuses don’t carry any weight and keeps us from pursing that goal/dream/accomplishment hence becoming complacent.

Well I have decided to return to the salon and it feels right.  It is not just about making extra money.  It’s about connecting with other sister-friends, laughing, crying, joking, sharing our lives and stories that promote unity, healing and straight BEAUTIFULNESS, inside and out!

My sisters, in order to be intentional without the excuses, first understand excuses are merely stumbling blocks as well as lies.  Second, once you decide you are not falling for the trap, set measurable goals.  If they seem unachievable at the moment, make them smaller or find simpler alternatives to getting it done.  Third, put your plan in action.  Be sure to write out everything.  Your ideas, thoughts, goals, steps, prayers.  EVERYTHING.

Let me say that I am very excited and has always enjoyed  doing hair.  Check this out.  I have 5 potential clients.  I already knew 3 years ago where I would be working.  The kids are going to be fine as always.  I’m far from rusty (lies!).  And I will always have the opportunity to hang with my friends.

See those excuses mean nothing and cannot stop me from the beautiful destiny set before me.  They can’t stop you either my lovely and gorgeous sister!

Peace and love,


Now, what excuse are you going to stop making in 2015?