First I want to thank you all for allowing me to breathe for a few. I really needed it to regroup and refocus.

Second, life has a way of showing you YOU need to regroup, to regain a new perspective. Perhaps that is the meaning of life…to grow into a new perspective. It brought me closer to my God, my family and myself.

So without further ado, let me explain “getting closer to myself.” I was laying in bed early one morning, thinking about things that totally did not have to do with one or another. Reinvention. Ahh, yes! Reinvention of self came to mind. Sometimes I feel as though I have been doing that from time to time over the last 7 months, but at a slow crawl. Indecision and uncertainty had been the major culprit.  During that period of breathing, I learned that in order to overcome that, intentionality is the mighty weapon against uncertainty and indecision. Oh, let me add, procrastination needs a dose of intentionality as well!

I need to be intentional about setting realistic goals to make it happen. Oh wait. That’s not all with intentionality. YOU HAVE TO ACT, MY SISTER! Saying and doing are two different things.  Action is key!

Now my reinvention plans (as of today) include:
1. Sewing a new wardrobe, vintage/retro-inspired with a modern twist. I miss sewing!
2. Learn basic graphic design to make T-shirts.
3. Workout to tone my muscles and to maintain mental health. I have noticed that this 45-year-old body needs it.  Plus exercise that you like does wonders for the mind.
4. Re-enter the cosmetology field. As a stylist, makeup artist and instructor. With all the things my blog stands for, what a better place to be! This is a skill set that I truly enjoy. Please help me be accountable as I will help you as well!

Serving my community and my church are highly important to me, however, REINVENTION is important as well because it is for me, reinvent the beauty that lies within me. Reinvent the beauty that lies within you, my gorgeous sister!

Remember, FIRST, it has to have meaning to you, no one else. SECOND, it has to speak to your heart. And THIRD, it has to have a beautiful outcome, of course. Nothing ugly coming out of here, right girlfriend!

So my sisters, what are your plans for your intentional reinvention?


Ahh…pampered and fresh! Yes it’s Fresh Friday!

Ok.  I have a weakness for handmade hair and body products.  A couple of weeks ago I went to the Suffolk Peanut Festival and came across a handmade body line called Symphl Creations.  Malaya, co-founder and mixtress, had the most tantalizing products to stimulate this nose in a long time.  I bought two bars of soap and two lotion bars, then about thirty minutes returned to buy another lotion bar, muscle rub and lip balm!  I’m so pitiful!  And Malaya was so gracious.




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Beauty defined…at least according to LaLa, Pt. 2

Today, I felt like I needed to share more of my heart with you my sister. Ok, I will continue to do that but this is an extension of what I posted yesterday. I’m always thinking and inspired!

Remember I mentioned the depths of this blog on the last post? Well our beauty is screaming to be released but it is extremely stifled. Stifled by what you may ask?

Well what is equally important to acknowledge is the brokenness and pain that dwells within us that keeps us from capturing, embracing and releasing our true inner beauty. (I told you there is a depth to this! I forewarned you.). It all begins with acknowledgment. We cannot run from it or we will continue to slowly die on the inside. Once we do that and deal with the mess our best way possible, no one can tell us a thing! The sky’s the limit.

My sister, we are not identified by our brokenness and pain, whether it is from neglect, abuse, abandonment, fear, control, a sense of unworthiness, whatever it may be that is ailing your soul and preventing you from greatness. Girlfriend, YOU ARE GREAT!

So each day we will strive to walk in who we are created to be, not that unrelenting voice of brokenness that tries to keep us from that great beauty! I am here for you and we are doing this life thing together.

Peace and love,


PS- That quote above is perfect!  Well said!

Beauty defined…at least according to LaLa

Last week, after having a talk with my cousin about this blog, I had to get this off my chest!

I know I mention beauty/beautiful quite a bit and I, by no means, intend for this blog to be considered another beauty blog because it is deeper than that. I have and will continue to share pictures, discuss beauty tips, etc. That’s in part because of my training, background and love for the beauty field.

The other part is beauty is not defined by a name brand, iconic look or accepted standard. I want everyone to know that I do not define myself as a beauty expert but I define beauty in your terms…what makes you beautiful.

As women we tend to take care of others so much that we neglect ourselves, our dreams, our passions. Yes we are to take care of those in our care, but we MUST take care of ourselves. If not, we will not be good for anyone else.

With that said my sister, beauty is defined as the attributes, essence and heart of each uniquely created woman that is amazingly appealing. Your beauty is already within you, waiting to give birth. It is that innermost dream. It is that unexpressed talent. It is that yearning of purpose already inside of you. THAT IS YOUR BEAUTY AND THAT IS WHAT YOU WERE CREATED FOR!

I will offer tips and suggestions for you to consider and experiment. They may work for you or they may not. You may like them or you may not and that is OK with me. I just want you to stimulate that inner beauty that’s dying to come out!

It is all about you my sister…MIND, BODY, SPIRIT! And we are going to do this life thing together!

Peace and love,